Fly DNS not updated after

After moving an app from Fly to another location my other Fly app is still looking for the moved one in the old location. Using fly dig I can see that the Fly DNS still references the remove domain.

I can also still see the domain listed using fly domains list. I was able to use the GraphQL API to delete the domain but fly dig still lists the incorrect address. Is there any way to remove the DNS record or flush the cache?

This is ridiculous! My last invoice was $40 but because I’m not on a plan I can’t get any support. And the DNS entry is still there!

Someone help please!

Remove from your DNS cache!

Hey there,

I’m not sure this is our doing. Do you have an AAAA record pointed at an IP on Fly? I see an A record pointed at, but the AAAA record is set to 2a09:8280:1::1:7503.

Meaning, if the app is trying to reach and IPv6 is available, it will likely use that by default.

You domain is using GoDaddy’s nameservers and so we don’t control its DNS records.

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Thanks, I feel bad now. I have no recollection of setting that AAAA and it was on the last page of my DNS records.

By the way, if your last invoice was $40, you can upgrade to the Launch plan at no additional cost and get email support. Launch is $29/month but it comes with $29/included usage. Since you’re using $40 worth of usage, it makes the plan effectively free.

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