`fly deploy` for Machines app: Memory is reset after each deploy

After each time re-deploying a Machines app using fly deploy, memory is reset to 256MB.

Hey @losfair ,

I am sorry for the issues! We are in the process of investigating a few issues with the fly deploy command in relation to Machines.

Would you be able to let us know what version of flyctl you’re running?

Hey @shaun !

I’m running 0.0.391. Is it fixed with the latest version?

@losfair Yes it’s fixed in the latest: machines: preserve existing config on deploy by ignoramous · Pull Request #1311 · superfly/flyctl · GitHub

Beware though, flyctl for machines is dismal and full of corner cases. I tried fixing a bunch relevant to me (because I want to CI my machines setup) but the mainline moved so far ahead that I had to close my PR, especially because testing all the scenarios is a pain.

I use my own fork of flyctl now.