Fly deploy failure : Phoenix 1.7.8

I have deployed various apps on without an issue. This popped up today :

Start a new phoenix project :

mix test

Then go in the asset folder and run

npm install is-odd --save

In app.js add


Then fly launch & fly deploy.

This fails on the mix deploy.assets

✘ [ERROR] Could not resolve “is-odd”
You can mark the path “is-odd” as external to exclude it from the bundle, which will remove this error.
** (Mix) mix esbuild default --minify exited with 1

It works fine on local. I can even run mix esbuild default --minify successfully on my terminal. But mix deploy fails.

my fly command line version : fly v0.1.115

nevermind, I missed adding the apt-get npm node & the RUN npm install

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