Fly ctl not wokring in Linux

By using this command curl -L | sh I successfully downloaded the fly ctl but I am getting this message after download

flyctl was installed successfully to /home/mubashir/.fly/bin/flyctl
Manually add the directory to your $HOME/.bash_profile (or similar)
  export FLYCTL_INSTALL="/home/mubashir/.fly"

and when I try to authenticate using fly in terminal it says command not found
Linux: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

I fixed the issue by adding the directory to the path
First, run export FLYCTL_INSTALL="/home/mubashir/.fly" and then export PATH="$FLYCTL_INSTALL/bin:$PATH" in the terminal to fix the issue

You can check the changed path by echo $PATH
Helpful article:

The above solution will fix the error for that particular session but in order to make the path persist between session read my solution here: flyctl: command not found - #4 by mubashir