First request to hibernating machine is not propagated?


I noticed that the first request only triggers the hibernating machine to wake up, but not passed to it for execution.

E.g., I have a min_machines_running = 0 and an external cron job sends a request to it daily.
The machine is woken up every day, but the task is not run.

How do I fix it? (besides setting min_machines_running = 1)

Hi, is that true?
If you let the app scale to 0 and then go to your site, it’ll load after the cold start. Unless the browser is doing some retries under the hood that I’m not aware of? I also tried pinging my app via postman and it responded w/ the payload after the bootup.

If the browser/postman clients are doing some internal retries, you can work around this by having your cronjob check if the request is 50x and then sleep a couple seconds and fire off another event.

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