Filesystem troubles with Postgres instance after outage

Hello, I have a setup with flyctl created postgres and a rust app, during outage both were impacted but I can deploy the rust app fine at the moment. However I have trouble with what I assume is filesystem corruption with my postgres instance, despite restarts and scaling to 0 then 1 again I can’t get a healthy postgres deployment. Here are the logs below:

2022-10-29T06:54:18.450 app[400e606d] ewr [info] Starting init (commit: 249766e)...
2022-10-29T06:54:18.465 app[400e606d] ewr [info] Mounting /dev/vdc at /data w/ uid: 0, gid: 0 and chmod 0755
2022-10-29T06:54:18.468 app[400e606d] ewr [info] could not resize filesystem to fill device size: Operation not permitted (os error 1)
2022-10-29T06:54:18.473 app[400e606d] ewr [info] Preparing to run: ` start` as root
2022-10-29T06:54:18.488 app[400e606d] ewr [info] 2022/10/29 06:54:18 listening on [fdaa:0:71c8:a7b:ab2:1:3d74:2]:22 (DNS: [fdaa::3]:53)
2022-10-29T06:54:18.542 app[400e606d] ewr [info] [ 0.161698] EXT4-fs error (device vdc): ext4_lookup:1709: inode #16: comm chown: deleted inode referenced: 46
2022-10-29T06:54:18.547 app[400e606d] ewr [info] panic: exit status 1
2022-10-29T06:54:18.547 app[400e606d] ewr [info] goroutine 1 [running]:
2022-10-29T06:54:19.481 app[400e606d] ewr [info] Starting clean up.
2022-10-29T06:54:19.496 app[400e606d] ewr [info] Umounting /dev/vdc from /data

I have created a new volume from a snapshot to fix the issue.