File upload fails with 408 error

Hi there, I’m writing a node web app with express & multer (for file uploads).
It accepts document file uploads for processing, storage and presentation.

I’ve found that it is regularly, but not consistently, failing to upload a .docx of 6.5MB. It rejects with 408 Timeout HTTP error. I’m not seeing the same problem with a 3.9MB docx, and smaller txt files.

Sometimes it takes to fail, e.g. 15 seconds, but (as illustrated by this screenshot), sometimes it’s less than 3 seconds.

Time taken seems to be irrelevant as this one successfully uploaded, but took 2.3 minutes.

I have set min_running_machines=1 to ensure my app doesn’t turn off during the upload.

Does anyone recognise what’s going on here?
Is this simply network instability?
How best to work around it?

I appreciate any time given on this, thank you.

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