Feature request: Images from private Docker registries

Hi! I’m just trying out Fly.io for the first time and it really seems to hit the sweet spot from what I want from a PaaS-provider in terms of functionality and pricing. Good job! The new managed Postgres service is also really nice to see, especially with the entry price point.

A couple of questions / feature-requests:

1. Images from private Docker registries
I run a docker build + push CI on GitHub Actions and I would love to be able to deploy images from my private registry. I have not found a way to do this yet (make flyctl authenticate with the private registry).

If this is not easily do-able it would at least be nice to have the Fly Docker registry adhere to the Docker HTTP API Spec (HTTP API V2 | Docker Documentation). This would let me subscribe to the feed using 3rd party deployment apps such as Octopus Deploy.

2. Setting environment variables as flags in flyctl deploy
In my CI pipeline I want to override some environment variables when deploying. It would be nice to be able to specify these variables when running the deploy command. At the moment I run a replace script that swaps out variables in the fly.toml file before deploying which works ok, but command line flags would be preferable.

Again, awesome product! Keeping my eyes on new developments, going forward :smiley:

We’ve been hesitant to deploy directly from private Docker registries because we need to pull images to launch new VMs. We can make sure our registry stays up, but don’t trust third party registries as much. :smiley:

You can pull a private image and then flyctl deploy -i <tag> to push it to us, though. That might help!

Agreed about the environment variables! I frequently need to deploy the same app to different environments. @michael is working on some stuff to make this easier.

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I see! The pull and push step should work, thanks :smiley:

Awesome! I’ll keep an eye out.

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