FaaS on Fly Machines CPU and RAM

I am wondering what are the hardware limitations for the FaaS Fly Machine.
I checked out the documentation: Run User Code on Fly Machines · Fly Docs, but I can’t find anything related to hardware provisioning, what are the limitations and where/how would you specify it.

I am looking to do some more CPU&RAM intensive operations, but shouldn’t run all the time, so I was looking for this alternative.

Hi @sebys7 :wave:

The exact CPU/RAM configuration is specified in the config section in the JSON body of the POST request to launch a machine. The example request did not specify anything because there are default values (see the guest sub-section) – I believe the default configuration is 1 CPU and 256 MB of RAM. There are some examples of using the API with non-default sizes here.

Thanks for the response! So they aren’t ceiled to a specific hardware capability. That’s great to hear.

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