Express.js container image size

Hello. I’m new to Docker - and to Fly.

I’ve written a very small Express.js app, and deployed ( successfully ).
I don’t have a Dockerfile.

But I noticed at build time, the image size is 774MB. Is this normal?
Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 3.26.58 PM

Does this affect anything? Am I missing something here?

I’ve set a build-args NODE_ENV=“production”, and I can see it doesn’t skip prunning anymore. But the image size remains pretty much the same.

Please advice.

If you aren’t using mutli-stage builds, you should: Docker Multi-Stage Builds | Codefresh

Here’s a mutli-stage dockerfile from our nodejs project that deploys to Fly: serverless-dns/node.Dockerfile at 04a1184189905fcbe3e28dedff61f3c70190c2b0 · serverless-dns/serverless-dns · GitHub (size is ~150M, I think…)

I’ve been meaning to experiment with railway nixpacks, but unsure whether using it as-is optimizes for the image size, as well: Build images with nixpacks

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Nixpacks still create large images.

Large images are irritating, but not usually a problem. I would be concerned about a 1.5GB+ image. 800MB is not so bad.

I make all my images small, though. It’s a fun exercise. :slight_smile: