experimental options

The experimental section that created by using fly launch has different keys as what the fly.toml docs specify.

For example, this is what the fly.toml contains after a fly launch:

  allowed_public_ports = []
  auto_rollback = true

However, the fly.toml docs only contain cmd and entrypoint.

cmd = ["path/to/command", "arg1", "arg2"]
entrypoint = ["path/to/command", "arg1", "arg2"]

Ref: App Configuration (fly.toml)

It looks like the docs might be out-of-date, or the fly CLI is creating a fly.toml with keys that are no longer used.

You’re right that our docs are out of date! We’ll be doing a big round of updates soon. All of these entries are still usable today.

We should probably remove [experimental] from the auto generated config. It’s sort of a catch all for things we’re trying out that may not stick around.

Some of the default toml experimental fields seem to be enabled by default too, like auto_rollback. The side don’t tell me what that does and I’m inclined to disable and experimental features, but given his enabled by default I’m also not sure if I should do that.

Ah, disabling auto rollback is the experimental setting. You can safely just remove that entire block if you don’t need any of that stuff.

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