[EWR] App is completely inaccessible

I’ve got an app running in EWR (instance ID 3e8e1ebc) which isn’t responding to any requests. The VM appears to have just…disappeared last night. Here’s the fly_instance_memory_mem_total chart - all the graphs (both reported by my apps and fly.io reported) fall off at 01:03:15am EST


There’s nothing in the logs that indicate a shutdown, and fly scale show still shows that my app should have machines

VM Resources for <app>
        VM Size: shared-cpu-1x
      VM Memory: 512 MB
          Count: 1
 Max Per Region: Not set

Is this related to last nights issues? Did my VM somehow get nuked and never replaced?

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It does look related:

More info from fly vm status

  ID            = 3e8e1ebc
  Process       = app
  Version       = 52
  Region        = ewr
  Desired       = stop
  Status        = failed
  Health Checks = 1 total, 1 passing
  Restarts      = 1
  Created       = 2022-10-26T16:16:52Z

TIMESTAMP           	TYPE            	MESSAGE
2022-10-26T16:16:42Z	Received        	Task received by client
2022-10-26T16:16:42Z	Task Setup      	Building Task Directory
2022-10-26T16:16:44Z	Started         	Task started by client
2022-10-28T05:03:28Z	Task hook failed	logmon: Unrecognized remote plugin message:

                    	                	This usually means that the plugin is either invalid or simply
                    	                	needs to be recompiled to support the latest protocol.
2022-10-28T05:03:28Z	Restarting      	Task restarting in 1.073728869s
2022-10-28T05:03:32Z	Killing         	Vault: failed to derive vault token: DeriveVaultToken RPC failed: no servers
2022-10-28T05:03:35Z	Template        	Missing: vault.read(apps/data/381214/537454), vault.read(apps/data/381214/537878), vault.read(apps/data/381214/542303), and 2 more
2022-10-28T05:08:40Z	Killing         	Template failed: vault.read(apps/data/381214/537878): vault.read(apps/data/381214/537878): Error making API request.

                    	                	URL: GET https://active.vault.service.consul:8200/v1/apps/data/381214/537878
                    	                	Code: 400. Errors:

                    	                	* missing client token
2022-10-28T05:10:32Z	Terminated      	plugin is shut down
2022-10-28T09:34:50Z	Killing         	Sent interrupt. Waiting 5s before force killing

ID                              	SERVICE 	STATE  	OUTPUT
3df2415693844068640885b45074b954	tcp-8080	passing	TCP connect <IP>:8080: Success
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I’m in the same boat, app just went offline at EWR in the middle of the night and now impossible to get back up. :expressionless:

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According to my monitoring (and my Prometheus telemetry), today’s outage had wider impact than just deployments as described here. My app’s full outage lasted ~20 minutes starting around 5:10am PT.

The pending deployments have cleared and I’m running again as of 11:43 (moved to IAD). Would love to get a follow up on this from Fly, as the VM dying seems completely out of scope of the incident on the status page.


I’m seeing the same issue:

Is there a root cause for this? This app hosts our blog and it’s been down for 12hrs+ with no indication that there’s been an issue.

I’m having problems too with my Postgres apps, I had to restart them a couple of times.

Ah, there does seem to be an issue with a host in EWR :frowning:. I would guess that’s the cause of these issues:

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@greg my app still shows the EWR instance as “running” with a desired state of “stop”

Is there something I can do to force this to shutdown?

@dsiddharth Er … :thinking:

You could try fly vm stop <vm-id>.

You could also try fly status --all to see if that reveals why.

If it ignores the request from outside and stays running, er … maybe try fly ssh console to SSH into that instance. And then type shutdown (or if needed sudo shudown). That should shut it down from within. Depending on your scaling settings etc, you may get a new one added in its place. However you can deal with that after.