Error when running fly config save

I’m getting the following error when running fly config save --app <my-app>:

Error: Do not know how to process 'env' section of type: []interface {}

I can’t find any information about this, It started happening when I upgraded from flyctl 0.0.442 to 0.0.526. And is on a fly v1 postgres app.

If you can post your fly.toml it might be helpful (e.g. to rule out typos such as [[env]] instead of [env]).

I don’t have access to it, since I can’t run this command. It’s a Postgres app that has been deployed fine for months. I just restarted it successfully too.

hey @mrloh ! I think I know what is going on, this PG app was migrated to machines and the stored config format is not parseable but I am working on fix

flyctl v0.0.535 (release in progress) have a fix for your issue. please upgrade and try again. thanks!


Sorry for the late reply, it is resolved now in fly v0.0.544. Thank you!

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