Error on platform

Hello! I’m having issues deploying my application, it fails consistently. The error message I see in the logs is this

2021-02-03T19:33:00.744Z f4b28001 fra [info] Pull failed, retrying (attempt #0)
2021-02-03T19:33:01.594Z f4b28001 fra [info] Unpacking image
2021-02-03T19:33:01.874Z f4b28001 fra [info] Pull failed, retrying (attempt #1)
2021-02-03T19:33:02.499Z f4b28001 fra [info] Unpacking image

Also, if I check my dashboard I got a 500 error (

I don’t know if you did something but the dashboard it’s working again. In case you did, thanks!

I’ll try to deploy the app again

@fabrizio.ruggeri dashboard issue is fixed now. There’s an issue with one of the fra hosts, we disabled it so your app won’t land there anymore. Sorry about all that!

Reaction has been perfect, thanks!