Error on interval value for services.http_checks

I set up a service checks like this:

    interval = "1000s"

The documentation doesn’t mention what the limits are, but any time I set a value higher than 1000s, e.g. “1001s” or “30m”, I get this error:

Error Services [0] Checks [0] Interval must be greater than or equal to 1000

I assume the message means the value should be higher than 1000 ms, but I don’t quite see how it applies to my case where it seems that the error is triggered any time the value if higher than 1000 seconds. Is that really the upper limit? If so, the error message should be changed because it says the opposite in that case - and it gives a number without unit.

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Also, it seems that interval gets clamped to 1 minute.

Correct, I noticed that yesterday.