Error creating health check handler for slack alerts: non-nullable field

Hi, I’m trying to create a health check handler that sends slack messages (as described here and here).

I get the following error:

$ flyctl checks handlers create --type slack
? Select Organization: Abc (abc)
? Name: fly alerts
? Webhook URL:
? Slack Channel (defaults to webhook’s configured channel):
Error Cannot return null for non-nullable field

This is odd, as I’ve been prompted for the name and provided one. I’ve tried passing in the name directly with the --name parameter but I get the same error.

(I also don’t understand whether this creates a global handler or just for one app, so tried this both in a parent directory, and one with a fly.toml file with an app name. Not sure if this is relevant, but failed the same way in both cases.)

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I am experiencing the same issue when trying to create a pagerduty handler.

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Bump, same issue when creating a slack handler.

Oh, good catch. I verified that the issue you’re seeing has to do with our internal rails validation, a fix is coming to you shortly!

Ok, so we’ve noticed some issues with the checks handler. We’re going to pull it out of the cli for now while we take some time to work on fixing it. Sorry for the inconvenience!