error compiling Rust project

how to fix this error

repository in question: GitHub - AbdesamedBendjeddou/RustyDrop: P2P file transfer powered by Rust, WASM and WebRTC

Hi, what command did you use to deploy your app?

trunk serve, which I believe will run cargo build --target wasm32-unknown-unknown under the hood

I think that your builder is running out of memory, for some reason. There are two ways around this:

  1. You can use the --local-only flag when running fly deploy
  2. You can upgrade the amount of memory your builder has by running fly m update --select fly-builder-<builder_name> --vm-memory <memory_in_mb>

same error with --local-only, I didn’t try to increase the RAM since I want to stay within the free limits

what is the difference between local only and remote only

Local only builds the docker image locally, while remote only builds the docker image using our remote builders.

so if I’m deploying from Github, that means the compiling will happen on Github?

If you specify local-only, then yea. By default though, we build on our remote builders, which have 4gb of memory and shared-cpu-4x

I see, thanks a lot

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