Error 403 for static deployments

I deployed my first static site using the Static Website Quickstart. One of my file was not being served and the friendly support team helped me notice that you need to check that permissions in your files do not include the executable flag, otherwise they will not be served.

I suggest to add a bullet to the Bonus Points section or create a new Troubleshooting section, with an entry that says something like:

  • Make sure that none of your static files include the executable permission. In Linux and MacOS you do this with chmod 644 file1 file2...

This is something we can probably make work automatically. The builders are just inlined Dockerfiles, it seems like adding this:

RUN chmod 644 **/*{.js,.css,.html,.png,.jpg,.gif}

might just magically make it work. If someone wants to test that, we love Pull Requests. :smiley: