Error 3003 & Error 3004

There are incomprehensible to me errors in VM logs like

Error 3004: HTTP URI is invalid
Error 3003: HTTP host header / pseudoheader is missing

The first time I paid attention to these errors was after an alert from Twilio that the webhook was not delivered to the app. According to Twilio logs, the app answered with a 502 status code. There were the above errors in the Fly VM logs and nothing more. It was on June 22 at the same time as Gateway inaccessible incident, and these errors keep coming from time to time.

Could anybody shed some light on the reason?

Those errors are from our proxy:

  • The URI in a request is not valid
  • There’s no host header in the request

The Gateways are separate, they wouldn’t cause these errors.

A 502 status code is normal for requests that aren’t “valid”. Does Twilio share the exact request they’re making when this happens?