Elixir SQLITE LiteFS [solved #1]

My Elixir/Phoenix runs on a single node and uses an SQLite db with a volume (I understand the volume is linked to the region where the app runs).

I want to run a distributed version on 2 regions. I understand I have to use a Litefs volume to be synced between regions.

The (distrbuted version) deployment fails on the release command:

ERROR: config file not found
   INFO Main child exited normally with code: 2

Which “config file” is missing? There might be several points to clarify in the docs:

  1. Update Dockerfile to Install LiteFS dependencies:

Is this the “runner” stage?

#runner stage
RUN apt-get update -y && apt-get install -y ca-certificates fuse3
COPY --from=flyio/litefs:0.5 /usr/local/bin/litefs /usr/local/bin/litefs
COPY --from=builder --chown=nobody:root /app/_build/${MIX_ENV}/rel/my_app./
#USER nobody
 ^^^Fly asks to remove this
ENV ERL_AFLAGS "-proto_dist inet6_tcp"
ENTRYPOINT litefs mount
#CMD ["/app/bin/server"]
^^^unused since declared in "litefs.yml" ?
  1. [mounts].

For SQLite, I fly volumes create litefs --region cdg --size 1 as the source.
I created another one for SQLite before:

fly volumes list
vol_9vwdqnqzyg99nm9r	created	litefs	1GB 	cdg   	99aa	true
vol_6vjwd6p5k9g62l94	created	mydata	1GB 	cdg   	9937	true     	e82d37dc25e678

In the “Litefs.yml” file, it is written “this data should not be accessed directly by the user application.”.
It is also asked to append the declared LiteFS volume in the “fly.toml” with a [mounts] section.

As said, in the SQLite settings, I am asked to create a volume for SQlite and declare a “DATABASE_PATH” in the “fly.toml”. Should I just forget it now?

I can’t use several “mounts”, nor use several “source” in a mount. This means I cannot declare the special volume I declared for SQLite. Will LiteFS proxy correctly to its volume?

  dir: "/litefs"

# The data section describes settings for the internal LiteFS storage. We'll 
# mount a volume to the data directory so it can be persisted across restarts.
# However, this data should not be accessed directly by the user application.
  dir: "/var/lib/litefs"
  addr: ":8080"
  target: "localhost:4000"

  - cmd: "/app/bin/server -addr :4000 -dsn /litefs/db"
source = "litefs"
destination = "/var/lib/litefs" 

DATABASE_PATH = "my_app_prod.db"
DNS_CLUSTER_QUERY = "my_app.internal"
PHX_HOST = "my_app.fly.dev"
PORT = "8080"

My defaults were (deploys ok):

source = "mydata"
destination = "/data" 

DATABASE_PATH = "/data/mydata/my_app_prod.db"
DNS_CLUSTER_QUERY = "my_app.internal"
PHX_HOST = "my_app.fly.dev"
PORT = "8080"

So in terms of config, I don’t have anything else that “fly.toml”, “litefs.yml”, the Dockerfile, and Phoenix “config/runtime.exs” (standard too). The “release” action file is standard too.

if config_env() == :prod do
    database_path =
      System.get_env("DATABASE_PATH") ||
        raise """
        environment variable DATABASE_PATH is missing.
        For example: /data/name/name.db

    config :name, Counter.Repo,
      database: database_path,
      pool_size: String.to_integer(System.get_env("POOL_SIZE") || "5")

Thank you.

Ok so the runner stage does not have the “litefs.yml”

#runner stage
COPY --from=flyio/litefs:0.5 /usr/local/bin/litefs /usr/local/bin/litefs
COPY litefs.yml /etc/litefs.yml

Just fails one step further:

level=INFO msg="cannot fetch cluster ID from \"consul\" lease, retrying: Get \"\": dial tcp connect: connection refused"

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