Does fly-replay work with WebSockets?

I’m looking to migrate a web app to that makes use of WebSockets for much of its communication. Because of how it is structured, sometimes only a single instance of the server will be able to handle a request, so I would like to make use of the fly-replay header to direct requests to specific instances. I did a bit of searching and found some complications with using WebSockets with that header, but they all seem quite outdated.

Here’s how I see it functioning:
Client: Sends a WebSocket request
Fly Proxy: Directs the request to the instance it deems best, Instance 1
Instance 1: Realizes that it can’t handle the request but figures out that Instance 2 can, and tells the proxy to replay the request on Instance 2
Fly Proxy: Replays the request on Instance 2
Instance 2: Fulfills the request and establishes a WebSocket connection with the Client
Could somebody tell me if this sort of scenario is possible using

From what I can tell, I think the technique outlined in this article could work, but if somebody can confirm this that would be great.

Yep! We use it ourselves. That article should apply directly.

Awesome, thanks!