Django ftyctl launch makemigrations: exit status 1

launching a new Django app and getting hit with:

Error failed running /usr/bin/python makemigrations: exit status 1

I just ran a Django app yesterday and didn’t run into any issues. Could this be a docker issue? This error is triggering after the first few steps of ‘flyctl launch’, right after it says Setting SECRETS.

I’m having the same issue with docker and django, too. It’s strange that fly launch would run makemigrations on my local machine, though I don’t understand how fly launch works — perhaps it’s building the app locally and then launching it? In which case, shouldn’t it be running that within the docker container?

Before this issue, I kept getting Error python not found in $PATH - make sure app dependencies are installed and try again, then I realized that it was trying to use the python $PATH for my local machine, which I wasn’t expecting since the app is docker-ized.