Deployment stuck at "Running release task (pending)..."

My deployment is stuck at the release task which performs a database migration.

==> Creating release
Release v18 created
Release command detected: this new release will not be available until the command succeeds.

You can detach the terminal anytime without stopping the deployment
==> Release command
Command: /app/bin/homer eval Homer.Release.migrate
Running release task (pending)...⣷

My release command is :

  release_command = "/app/bin/homer eval Homer.Release.migrate"

From the logs I know that the migration was successful :

2021-07-21T12:30:40.833900246Z runner[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Starting instance
2021-07-21T12:30:40.873820940Z runner[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Configuring virtual machine
2021-07-21T12:30:40.880292550Z runner[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Pulling container image
2021-07-21T12:30:41.283346649Z runner[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Unpacking image
2021-07-21T12:30:41.299181232Z runner[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Preparing kernel init
2021-07-21T12:30:41.887652610Z runner[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Configuring firecracker
2021-07-21T12:30:41.989779005Z runner[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Starting virtual machine
2021-07-21T12:30:42.342133400Z app[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Starting init (commit: cc4f071)...
2021-07-21T12:30:42.376484615Z app[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Running: `/app/bin/homer eval Homer.Release.migrate` as nobody
2021-07-21T12:30:42.395007988Z app[8457fb4e] cdg [info] 2021/07/21 12:30:42 listening on [fdaa:0:2c1d:a7b:abc:8457:fb4e:2]:22 (DNS: [fdaa::3]:53)
2021-07-21T12:30:43.387293906Z app[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Reaped child process with pid: 560 and signal: SIGUSR1, core dumped? false
2021-07-21T12:30:43.745613933Z app[8457fb4e] cdg [info] 12:30:43.739 [info] Migrations already up
2021-07-21T12:30:44.390431328Z app[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Main child exited normally with code: 0
2021-07-21T12:30:44.392918853Z app[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Reaped child process with pid: 562 and signal: SIGUSR1, core dumped? false
2021-07-21T12:30:44.393627446Z app[8457fb4e] cdg [info] Starting clean up.
2021-07-21T12:31:58.278734481Z app[75be430e] ams [info] 12:31:58.273 [info] Stopping offer request destination server with id = 480acac5-7438-4722-b8be-283238b03dd9

Everything was working yesterday. Any ideas?

Did the new version get deployed? The release command and following release should both run even if the CLI hangs trying to monitor them.

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