Deploying nginx with RTMP

I need to deploy a docker image where nginx+rtmp module run. I can deploy it but I I’m not sure it’s running and when I try to connect to it, connection fails.

This is my fly.toml file

app = "rtmp"
primary_region = "ams"

  dockerfile = "Dockerfile.rtmp"

  internal_port = 1935
  protocol = "tcp"
  auto_stop_machines = true
  auto_start_machines = true
  min_machines_running = 0
    handlers = []
    port = 1935
    grace_period = "1s"
    interval = "1m"
    restart_limit = 0
    timeout = "2s"

  type = "connections"
  hard_limit = 25
  soft_limit = 20

My docker file is basically something on this line

FROM tiangolo/nginx-rtmp:latest

That image runs nginx with the RTMP module enabled. When I deploy it the machines appears as paused.


If the machine is showing as paused, rather than running, I’d assume not. It might be worth (at least initially) setting the min_machines_running as 1 to keep a machine around, even when not active, at least for initial debugging.

Armed with a running machine, you could SSH in to the app to see what’s running/not:

Once in check what processes are supposed to be running (sounds like nginx), check its logs for any errors (nginx would normally output a default log to some path in nginx.conf), whether it is in fact listening on port 1935 … and so on. That way you’ll get some visibility into what’s actually happening.

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