Deploying my first Phoenix app... what do I really need?


I’ve been learning Elixir and Phoenix for some time now I would like to deploy my first app. The thing is, I’m a beginner and I don’t really know how to structure my app and volumes.

So, I have a Phoenix app which uses Postgres as a database and the app allows users to upload images. I believe I have to create a VM and then I need to create a volume on which user uploads will be stored, right? Also, as I’m using postgres, do I need to create another volume for it or is there some other way to handle database?

Second, I would like to connect my app to Cloudflare so static files and user images could be loaded from it, how do I set that up?

As I said, I’m a beginner and I really hope someone could give me some guidance on how to set it up properly.


Hi @matijalasic,

Start simple, try fly launch on your phoenix app following this guide Speedrun! Deploying to! · Fly Docs

No need to setup Cloudflare either, static assets are served smartly directly from infra which is globally distributed too, see how to serve static files

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