Deploying Facial Recognition Attendance System build using Django

Just want to ask if how can I deploy my Django web app?

I’m a graduating student of BSIT in the Philippines, and my capstone project is Facial Recognition Attendance System with Payroll and Project Management.

can anyone guide me on how can I deploy my app.

thanks and have a good day

Hey there,

There are a ton of little nuances when it comes to launching/deploying your first app, that for me personally, the best way to deploy is by doing. I would start here:

  1. Make sure you have flyctl installed- Install flyctl · Fly Docs
  2. Sign up- Sign up · Fly Docs
  3. Then sign in- Sign In · Fly Docs
  4. And now try to launch your app- Launch the App · Fly Docs
  5. Deploy your app- Deploy a Fly App · Fly Docs

These are the overview docs to help you along the process

Hope this helps!

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