Deploying a manually pushed docker image

Hey there, new to fly and I think I fell off the well worn path pretty quickly.

The app I’m trying to deploy is a docker container, but building the container takes more than just a docker build – there are some other preamble which is difficult to get into the image via the dockerfile. So we run it with script/docker_build.

After some fumbling around in the search interface for the docs, I found instructions on how to auth and push to the fly repo directly – that worked a treat…but now what?

My app is “pending” – and I have a bunch of environment vars set in the toml file which need to be deployed as well. I tried to issue a “restart” command, but that did nothing. Any advice?

Your app is in a pending state because it hasn’t had a successful deploy yet.

After pushing an image manually, deploy it with flyctl deploy -i Hope that helps!

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Great, thank you. Your super fast response time is especially appreciated too!