Deployed nodejs app with nginx getting ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

Hi there, I forked and attempted to deploy this app GitHub - saleor/saleor-dashboard: A GraphQL-powered, single-page dashboard application for Saleor.

Firstly fly deploy needed to run locally because the included Dockerfile refused to build. Secondly, when running fly deploy or launch the CLI did not pick up that the project is Dockerized and rather picks up that it is a nodejs app.

After deployment the VMs start but I am unable to access the login portal (or curl the url)

I was thinking it might be that this app comes with an nginx reverse proxy but not sure.

Here’s a few tips to help debugging.

  • Make sure to have fly logs running on your terminal or use our dashboard to look at logs, they will likely contain useful information.
  • One common deploy mistake is that your server is listening to one port but your internal_port on fly.toml is configured to be another one.
  • Make sure you listen to instead of just localhost
  • I couldn’t see any “start” script but upon a second look this is a static site so one approach to host this would be npm run build locally, entering your build (or however its called, could be dist too) then fly launch it!
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