Delay when loading page after it's been down for awhile?

Hey there! New Fly user here. I noticed that after I visit my fly app after awhile, it takes a few seconds to load. Looking at the logs shows that it’s starting up the rails server after having shut it down - subsequent loads are instant.

I was chatting with a dev earlier who’s got several fly projects and he’s never seen that delay behavior before.

What’s causing this? Do I have something misconfigured? I’m on the hobby tier, if that makes a difference.

It will be coming from Automatically stop and start Machines · Fly Docs.

You can make your app automatically stop when the app doesn’t have any requests and wake the app up when there are new requests.

While this is good for saving costs for low traffic apps, you can disable the feature by setting auto_stop_machines = false and auto_start_machines = true.

Ah, thanks! Sounds like unless there’s a compelling reason not to, since my app gets such low traffic normally, I may keep it off unless I know there will be a spike in traffic.

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