Dedicated IP v4 + Own SSL certificate

Hey all,

Is there any tutorial / docs how to deploy an app so it’s accessible directly via IP address (I know it costs $2/mo) so I can manage SSL certs myself?



There may be however the basic idea would be to tell Fly (in the fly.toml) that you don’t want to use its TLS proxy. Most apps will have a “handler” line with e.g ["tls"]. If you want the TCP to go directly to your app so that it terminates the TLS you would cut that line out.

I do know of this example app which shows handling UDP but also TCP. In your case ignore that UDP bit and check the TCP part. Note there is no “handler”. So I’d think that’s what you’d be doing:

Update: ah, that’ll be a V1 app. The syntax may have changed for V2 (machines) :thinking: Though i think the proxy bit is the same.

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