Dedicate machine for each user

I have an app that dedicate 1 machine for each user. How do I for subsequent requests for a user to hit the same machine?
Can I use headers? Directly access via individual machine’s IP?

You could have your own service that proxies requests to different machines depending on the userId.

You’d need to record which machines are bound to which users yourself.

I can do that bound with a database but how do I make the proxy to point to the exact machine?
I’m looking into fly-replay

Oh wow. I didn’t even know about fly replay.

I was thinking as each machine comes online, you have it register itself (with its ip) and you keep track of which users map to that ip.
Kind of like a really simple service discovery system.

But with fly-replay, you just need to give it an app name and instance id (which, i think, is the same as the fly machine id)

Yeah, in the use cases on that doc it shows how (Dynamic Request Routing · Fly Docs)

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