Data persistence with fly

Hey guys. I’ve made a site that requires a user to create an account to use (you can check it out at if you’re interested). The problem is that, if I leave it alone for a while, the fly machine turns off, and I lose the user’s account info. I’ve tried to make a volume work, but I haven’t seen any changes after implementation, and even if it did work, I want my data to be accessible to all my machines, not just the one it was logged on. I’m happy to provide code and specifics if you want them, but what I really want is more general advice. How would you go about setting this up? What services should I use? Thanks for your help.

How do you store account information?

While both of them are still beta, we have managed Postgres (by Supabase) and object storage (by Tigris Data).

I’m currently using the default django SQLite that works locally. I assume it’s storing this on whatever machine it runs on. I tried following the instructions here (Deploying Django to Production · Django Beats) which I’m fairly certain is the same postgres you linked above, but it gives me an error and says smokechecks failed or something whenever I deploy, although launch works fine (My computer broke and is being repaired, so apologies if I can’t get super specific for a few more days). The only thing I can think of is that somehow one of my libraries is incompatible with the postgres libraries, and I would like to avoid blindly replacing libraries and rewriting my project until maybe it works. That second thing you linked is something I haven’t seen before, and it looks really interesting. I’ll definitely give it a shot as soon as I get my computer back. Thanks so much for your reply, I’ll update you on if I get it to work.

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