Dashboard Feature Request: node count

Hi there,

Just requesting some features for the dashboard.

It’d be useful for us to have a chart showing how many nodes there are in each region over time. This is especially useful for apps that have balanced/standard autoscaling applied.

Also, it seems that the VM service concurrency graph only shows currently active requests so it would be useful if there was another graph showing the total number of new connections in the last sample period.

If it’s already possible to achieve this through Grafana then I’d be happy with a point in the right direction.


You should be able to do this with Grafana, though we will also be improving our in UI metrics sometime in the next few months.

To get a connection connection:


The $__interval is Grafana specific. You can either use the interval value they compute, or pass something like 1m or 1h.

You can also get a count of running instances with something like:


I’m not sure if app_service_concurrency is working as expected.

fly status tells me I have 9 nodes in syd and 1 in sin but app_service_concurrency is telling me I have 1 in nrt, 1 in sin and 48 in syd using count(app_service_concurrency{app="$app"}) by (region)

Oh good catch. app_service_concurrency will only include instances with active connections.

Try this one instead:


It’s still not going to be as good as a metric for the number of running instances you have. We’ll see if we can get that in at some point.