Dashboard 500 errors

Attempting to login and I’m seeing 500 errors in the Dashboard. The specific request which generated the error is 01HDTE2M79Y8BVFEG40ZQG845W-chi.

Let me know if I can provide any further details. I’ve attempted to delete cookies and things, just in case they were the culprit. The 500 error first started immediately after I logged in using my Google account.

Me too. I can’t access the dashboard right now. It shows Error 500 after a long loading time.

same here, for the past 1 hour+ the dashboard shows an Error 500

I am having same issue and 500 error

For those who are still waiting on this to be resolved, the API appears to still be functional so the CLI/deployments are likely working (though I haven’t tested a deployment).

Is this still happening for anyone?

It resolved about 30ish minutes ago I believe. I don’t remember the exact time, but it’s no longer happening.

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