Custom TCP ports

A long time ago there used to be a config parameter for using unconventional TCP ports:

allowed_public_ports = [8080]

I tested again this config parameter, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Is there any plans to bring back this functionality? Or the available TCP ports will be locked forever to 80, 443, 5000, and ports 10000-10100?

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That experimental setting _ should_ still work but it opens ports on the per VM FLY_PUBLIC_IP. It’s useful if you want to access a port on a VM from an external network without going through our load balancer.

We are planning to let the external load balancer listen on many more ports someday, as well.


Is there any update on letting the load balancer listen to more ports?

I understand we can use allowed_public_ports, but then we have to listen for FLY_PUBLIC_IP on the instance which is constantly changing.