Custom Domain propagation delay?

So I’m playing with using tigris buckets with custom domains for static hosting. I set it public and the domain with flyctl as per the docs, but I’m only getting connection reset/SSL errors.

Is there some kind of delay in enabling this feature?

I will note that I’m using ANAME instead of CNAME because I want to use this feature with apex domains (zone roots).

Added certificates, tigris

The custom domain feature internally involves creating certificates. The certificate creation then depends on proper name resolution so that the custom domain is aliased to the virtual hosted-style hostname of your bucket, as mentioned in the docs. The certificate should be properly configured as long as the name resolution works.

We haven’t tested ANAME, so I cannot say for sure if this all works with ANAME.

Could you share the custom domain and bucket names so I can check them for you? You can share by emailing to

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