CSS styles appear different and missing on deployed app

The CSS styles of my local app are as I expect them. I am using a mix of Bootstrap added in the head section and plain CSS.

However, the deployed version of my app looks nothing like I expect it to be.

My app is a Sinatra app. Is there another deployment setting I need to change so that my deployed app is styled similarly to my local version?

Some generic advice: A good place to start would be to look for error messages in the web server log (fly logs) and/or the browser’s web console. Maybe some CSS files only exist locally and are not found when you access the deployed version, or maybe they have a different path in the deployed version…

Hi Tom, thanks for the suggest. Let me look at the logs. If I dont see anything that points me to the solution I will write a more descriptive issue.

The one I wrote might not have enough information about my issue.


I have asked a more detailed question here describing the issue because logs don’t show anything.

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