Creating release error when trying to deploy rails app for the first time

I’m getting this error when I’m trying to deploy my rails app and it just stops. Any one have any ideas?

Fairly common occurences of this error reported in the past few days.

Typically, in the REST/HTTP world, GOAWAY is a hint for the client to backoff and close the stream as the server is likely backlogged (kind of like 5xx status codes, in a way). And so, retrying the flyctl command a few more times might help increase the chances of getting past that backpressure barrier.

Not sure why Fly’s build-instances are facing severe load of late, but I guess it is all the recent Heroku exodus to or their recent change to switch to do remote builds by default.

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Fly engs have acknowledged the issue, so things might improve in the coming days: server sent GOAWAY and closed the connection - #10 by jerome