Contacting Billing

Hello all,

I need to contact Billing. The name of my organization has changed. I have updated everything else (i.e. email, TAX ID, etc.) but I cannot seem the way to change the organization name.

Does anyone know how to do that? If not, how would I contact to make the change?


– Tito

Hi Tito, an organization’s name cannot be changed at present. But it’s also not publicly facing in any way. You can either create a new org, transfer your apps to it, and delete the old, or you can just live with the old name. This is a platform constraint, not just a shortcoming in the UI, so billing wouldn’t be able to help you. But if you wanted to contact them for other reasons you’d email

Hello John,

Cool. I’m assuming that moving the apps includes everything? (i.e. secrets and other settings?)


— Tito

Good question! We’re currently auditing that and working on clarifying our documentation. We want to make sure that moving moves everything that is safe to move, but at least prompts first before moving anything with security implications. Look for upcoming updates to the docs.

You specifically asked about secrets, and I can confirm that yes, secrets will move to a new org with the app, no problem.

Other reader reading this in the future with questions about whether other settings will move with an App to a new Org should first check the docs to see if the clarified list has been published yet. If not, feel free to open a new thread if you want to confirm before your app’s move.

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