Constant issues with googleapis DNS resolution

Last few weeks, I started to notice issues with DNS resolution for

Usually, a machine restart helps for a few hours, but then I have the same problem again. I’ve tried changing regions, but this also didn’t help.

Some logs from my app:

Failed to resolve ‘’ [A(1), AAAA(28)] after 2 queries

io.netty.resolver.dns.DnsNameResolverTimeoutException: [10812: /[fdaa:0:0:0:0:0:0:3]:53] DefaultDnsQuestion( IN AAAA) query ‘10812’ via UDP timed out after 5000 milliseconds (no stack trace available)

Based on my observations, this started to happen once I enabled Sentry. Can it be related? How can I disable Sentry integration?

I’ve noticed that around 2 weeks ago I upgraded to the latest version of Spring Boot (3.2.5 → 3.3.0).

I’ll try to roll back to the previous version and see if it changes anything.

Potentially related issues:

  1. io.netty.resolver.dns.DnsNameResolverTimeoutException when the application is running in Kubernetes · Issue #2978 · reactor/reactor-netty · GitHub

Update: revert to previous version didn’t help

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