Console app

Hi! I have a small telegram bot on C#, it’s small console app which I’ve put into docker image and hosted on docker Hub. Is it possible to deploy it to this cloud service? Because for now, right after I’m deploying this container fly status command shows that app is stopped immediately after deploy finished

Hi @Mortarion

Have you taken a look at the logs to see if there’s any errors?

I think by default the auto stop settings is on, and if there’s no request, it shuts the machine down.

Another guess is how your dockerfile and app is set up. If the console app doesn’t wait to read input, but rather runs and exits, then the process would exit, and there isn’t any server to run.

Hi, I’ve figured out that my app was just closing right after it launched. Had to add some endless loop to keep it running till it will be intentionally stopped. Everything is running as expected atm. Thanks for your replies

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