Connect Fivetran to Postgres through SSH tunnel


I’d like to connect Fivetran to my Fly Postgres. In order to do this I can use a public IP, which I don’t want for security reasons. I also have the opportunity to connect through an SSH tunnel. Fivetran gives me an SSH public key and ask for a SSH host and user. Is there a way to do this?

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Marco Willemart

I’m reading Connect by SSH tunnel or IP safelist | Databases to Warehouse with Fivetran - is this the relevant docs?

Yes it is.

@mwillema If you contact Fivetran, it sounds like they have some kind of native VPN support available - if they supported Wireguard, as an example, this might be an extraordinarily easy integration with no added moving parts expect for configuring the Wireguard tunnel. Worth an ask.

I asked them about Wireguard but they only support Google, Azure and AWS cloud VPN. Furthermore we need to be on a higher price plan to access the VPN tunnel.

So my only choices are either SSH or reverse SSH.

So is there a way to connect through SSH or reverse SSH then?
If not what about opening Postgres to outside but whitelisting the Fivetran IP only? Is it possible?