Configuration to prevent third parties cookies bt front and backend

Hello all, I need some help to properly config my apps in order to prevent third parties’ cookies between frontend and backend.

here is what I already did:

  • My backend is written in Golang and hosted here at the (let’s call it )
  • My frontend is in React and is hosted in another platform XPTO (let’s call it )
  • In that other platform the dns-domain was created and recorded as a type A to
  • Now I need to keep both applications under the same domain, for that in the platform XPTO I created a CNAME pointing to, called:

but unfortunately, this CNAME configuration is not redirecting, should some other config be done from side? or something else?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Krotz

Have you double checked that your DNS changes are live using a tool like nslookup or DNS Lookup | DigitalOcean?

Hello @charsleysa i checked the link you provided was really useful.

From there I checked the CNAME redirection was set as 300.

Is this maybe happening because I’m using a free tier from that offers a shared ipv4?


Hi @Krotz

If you’re using the shared IPv4 then you’ll need to make sure you add certificates for your domain as I believe that’s required for shared IPv4 apps to work.

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