Command for not using auto-scaling

Having struggled with deploys failing yeterday with 502 and today with random unhealthy warnings, I thought I’d try deploying to just one single instance. That way if it’s going to fail, it fails quickly. So for tests, that’s fine.

I see the scale command, but it mentions setting a min/max per region pool. Hmm. Is there an equivalent for min/max globally? So I’d set that as min=1, max=1, and only get one in total?

I know you can set regions. So I could set the region as e.g. lhr. And then using scale, set min/max=1. However I believe the region is only for guidance and so it uses fallback regions? Of course normally that’s what you want to happen, but for test deploys I don’t want fallback regions, just one instance, in total, globally. What would be the combination of commands to achieve that so only one instance is ever started, in total, globally.


If you set max=1, it’ll mostly do what you want. The only time you’ll get two instances is during a deploy, since it deploys a canary and then waits for it to be healthy before taking down the original instance.

You can also control regions more precisely now. If you run flyctl regions set lhr and then flyctl regions backup lhr it won’t ever launch instances anywhere else.

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