Cloudflare + Fly recommendations?

What is the latest recommendation for which features of CloudFlare are worth enabling when using Fly and which ones I should definitely disable? This is with the goal of trying to make my app as fast as possible for end users.

For example, I suspect redirecting all traffic from http to https is probably still helpful to have enabled, but it sounds like Brotli should not be enabled since Fly’s proxy does its own compression? But that’s just a couple things I’ve pieced together so far, there are a good number of common features that people use in Cloudflare and I’m wondering if there’s a bit more of comprehensive recommendation for Cloudflare + Fly.

My app is a rails app, in case that matters.



This is something I’m really looking forward to. After a email security problem, and recognizing how much spend we spend with our other provider (Digital Ocean). Our DNS system isn’t up to par, and our hosting isn’t as good as my experiments with I’m definitely moving to this platform.

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