clarification needed on litestream regarding multiple applcations


My confusion is about this section in the documentation - Tips & Caveats - Litestream (Multiple applications replicating into location can corrupt). Quoting

Multiple applications replicating into the same bucket can cause situations where you will be unable to restore. It is your responsibility to ensure you do not have multiple applications replicating concurrently

Let’s say there is databaseA (on serverA) and databaseB (serverB). If they are both replicating to the same bucket (but different paths within that bucket), is that a problem for some reason? I imagine the wording means something else, but I’m not able to understand clearly.

cc @benbjohnson2


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Good question. Yes, you’re correct. It’s only a problem if you are using the same bucket & the same path. I updated the docs on the site to clarify. Thanks!

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