Challenge #5b: KV stores


I’ve reached challenge 5b: Multi-Node Kafka-Style Log.

The wording around KV stores confuses me a bit:

It’s important to consider which components require linearizability versus sequential consistency.

makes it sound like both seq-kv and lin-kv are fair game, but then

You’ve used the seq-kv service in the Grow-only Counter challenge, however, in this challenge you can use the linearizable version called lin-kv.

indicates that lin-kv is the name of the game? Maybe “… you can [also/only] use the linearizable …” could clarify.

Thanks for a great set of challenges! :pray:

I interpreted the requirements as follows:

  • you can use any of lin-kv and seq-kv storages
  • there are components that do not need linearizability. they should not use storage with higher guarantees (lin-kv).

So, you can solve it with lin-kv only, but it will be an overkill and putting everything into one busket is not a goal of this challenge. It explicitly asks to relax the consistency requirements of your implementation as much as possible.

Hi @johnkoepi, makes a lot of sense when you put it that way. Thanks!

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