Challenge #4: Clarifications

The problem states that

you’ll need to implement a stateless, grow-only counter

My understanding of “stateless” is that the process should not keep any memory of previous message exchanges (be it with other nodes, clients or services). In other word, it means that during a run, a node can completely crash, be restarted from scratch, and ultimately still give the correct answer.

Is that the intended meaning here? I know solutions to similar problems and they usually involve holding some amount of state, I’m just wondering if I understand the problem correctly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@benbjohnson I’d appreciate some quick clarification when you have time :slight_smile:

from my understanding, state would be kept in the key value store service provided by maelstrom, while the nodes themselves would be stateless?

This challenge is different than before in that your nodes will rely on a sequentially-consistent key/value store service provided by Maelstrom.

Store state in SeqKV and nothing in-memory.

Think of stateless as - if the node crashes and restarts it can continue serve correct results. As well as others can serve correct results while it is down.

@dil Sorry for the late reply. @johnkoepi’s response is correct.

Thank you!

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