Challenge 3B - crash with "no handler for broadcast"

Hey friends, I’m running into a weird issue with Challenge 3B. I have code that passes 3A without any problems, but adding additional nodes into the test yields problems where some nodes crash with No handler for {"id":13,"src":"n0","dest":"n1","body":{"src":"c4","dest":"n0","body":{"type":"broadcast","message":0,"msg_id":2}}}

This seems like a race on node n1 startup where n0 is running before n1 has finished setting its message handlers. Anyone else see similar and work past it?

What’s up with the nested bodies? Could it be the top layer body doesn’t have a message type on it?

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Thanks! That got me past a message-formatting bug where I was serializing the whole message as the message body. I changed that up and got farther on the next run before catching a suspiciously similar error.

Awesome! I’d look carefully at which node is receiving the message, for which specific handler, and being sent by who. I got tripped up on this shape of stuff too.