Can't route to ATL


I’ve been using for a few projects and it’s working well, but I can’t seem to get routed to the ATL region. I live in the metro Atlanta area, but according to, I get routed to Fly’s IAD region on my home ISP, cell carrier, and on Cloudflare WARP.

I was still able to deploy some projects to ATL, but my requests ended up going from IAD to ATL and back to IAD, so I just moved everything to IAD since it had lower latency anyways. Do you know if there could be an issue with routing somewhere or is this just a problem with my ISPs?


ATL is a huge pain in the butt for us. We’ve been thinking about shifting things from ATL → Raleigh for that reason.

It’s definitely our problem though, not yours. IAD is probably the best place to be until I post otherwise in here. :smiley:

Huh, @steve says we might be able to make quicker progress on ATL routing than I thought. Give us a day or so.

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